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Property Mentor - HENRY DAVIS MBA

Henry is still active as a full-time Property Developer, as Managing Director of Genii Developments Ltd and Owner of 'We Buy Any House Liverpool'.

Having operated for over 30 years in the property industry, Henry uses his own projects and experiences as case studies for his mentees. 

Due to his busy schedule, Henry mentors a maximum of 3 people at any one time. Whilst based in the Merseyside area, Henry has mentored people from all over the UK.


Henry's Property Refurbishment & Investment Courses


Henry is the sole presenter of two of the best-selling Property Training Courses on behalf of the National Residential Landlord's Association (NRLA):

The Key To Property Investment

Property Refurbishment

These property refurbishment and investment courses focus on teaching impartial and credible insider 'tricks of the trade', centering on market intelligence, due diligence and specialist sourcing.

These training courses are always popular and have received a huge amount of positive feedback from countless attendees, ranging from first-time property buyers to professional investors with large property portfolios.

Many of the attendees of these courses have gone on to employ Henry as their Property Mentor, gaining a huge amount of success in the property investment journey.




by Henry P Davis

Henry's  book will teach you: How to buy property below (real and true) market value and all the 'tricks of the trade' you will need to prosper against the competition.

Henry covers areas such as, due diligence, valuations, buying tricks, the art of project management, insider market intelligence and how to find hidden data.

Interior design, planning, layouts, and detailed fit-out guides are also included.

This is a unique and inspiring book, written by a property developer with 32 years of experience, deals, and developments in residential and commercial property.


Property mentor - why choose Henry?


>  Experienced and Credible Property Mentor

>  Case-Studies Based on His Own Deals

>  Completed 100s of Deals Over 30+ Years

>  Published Author >  'The Truth About Property'

>  NRLA Approved Property Trainer


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