Henry’s Top 10 Life Tips

Henry's Top 10 Life Tips

1 - Admitting mistakes is key. Dump the ego, try not to “lie and deny”. Own up to your mistakes, be honest with yourself, and you will forever be a happier person.

2 - Don’t easily fall out with people. Stay off WhatsApp, especially if discussing anything contentious, be the better person, de-escalate arguments. Agree to disagree, but agree you don’t have to fall out forever, just because you disagreed.

3 - We all get knocks in business and in life. The trick is not to let it affect your confidence or take it personally, and learn to move on faster every time you get a knock.

4 - Don’t take yourself too seriously. Teach yourself not to worry about trivia or stressful situations which aren’t really that stressful. Live in the moment, because no amount of future dreams will make you any happier.

5 - In the world of YouTube, anyone can learn anything, get tips, learn how to sleep better or be more healthy, so use this great resource which wasn’t around until recent times.

6 - Remember you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Try to ‘receive’ more often than you ‘transmit’.

7- Don’t moan about something, yet do nothing constructive to change it. Instead, put your head above the parapet and politely share your specific ideas on how something can be improved or done better.

8 - A bad idea attempted is better than a good idea never accomplished. Ideas are everywhere and free, but really mean nothing without you actually doing something about it.

9 - Think about solutions and positives only during a challenge as it’s pointless over-thinking a problem if you are not prepared to make the same effort to over-think a solution.

10. - Henry Ford once said: ”If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”