Marketing & Branding

The property market is becoming more and more competitive and I expect oversupply to increase in the coming years. For that reason, you need an effective marketing and branding strategy to attract attention, drive enquiries to your property, and set you apart from the competition.

With so many competing property ads, what will make tenants click on yours? In my experience, I’ve found that kitchen and living room pictures receive the highest number of clicks, so make these count. I also add text inside photos with benefit-driven words, and I watermark all photos with my logo.

Despite our ever increasingly digital culture, you should not underestimate the power of using traditional ‘offline’ marketing too. I use simple and easy-to-remember branding for all of my buildings.

I also recommend branding your development sites clearly with a ‘Property Wanted’ sign, as it often leads to other local sellers contacting you. I have had many leads from such signs, and you would be surprised how many people still respond to this good old-fashioned marketing tactic. All photos should be professionally taken and should feature a watermark of your logo (except on Spare Room where the use of watermarks is not allowed). You can use sites like People Per Hour or Fiverr to create and develop your brand without high costs.