9 Signs of a Dubious Property Investment

1. Offering to “do things differently” and a promise of above average returns.

2. Young, larger-than-life CEO who’s the ultimate networker with an almost Evangelist following.

3. Best office address, amazing website, high quality branding and promotional literature.

4. Aligned with a more credible organisation and misrepresents the connection.

5. No clear track record on Companies House, but loads of testimonials on social media.

6. Crowdfunding and always looking for JV partners, due to no lender track record.

7. Usually offering something the investor directly controls, like bonds or fractional sales.

8. Guarantees backed by companies with no assets or where others have 1st/2nd charges already.

9. Highly ambitious growth plans and success has come from nowhere in a short space of time.

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