The True Way to Create BMV

The only true way to create BMV is to create your own deals by walking the streets! Via the Land Registry or LandInsight, I contact owners directly. When visiting a site, I always put my stickers on derelict buildings and I still do leaflet drops like the example below.

If it is a key site, I also write a dated, handwritten note on the back of the leaflet. This particular tactic has led directly to the acquisition of several properties, including a large nursing home. Some people are sceptical of cold calling, so I reassure these owners with targeted letters like the template on the following page. I’ve sent many different letters over the years and this is the wording with which I’ve had the most success.

Contacting Property Owners

It is important to personalise the letter as much as possible so that people don’t mistake it for a general mailshot. You would be surprised how many people have told me they have received my letter and mistaken it for junk mail, so I have adjusted my approach over the years based on this feedback. I make sure to convey to sellers that they will receive my best possible price, which I reiterate in all conversations. Then, once they confirm they want to sell, the real haggling and negotiations begin!

TIP: I send all letters by registered post so that I can check if the recipient has signed for them on Royal Mail’s tracking website.